Friends and Supporters


A  Toronto Canadian healthcare business that supports many projects at Cambridge including the farming, music and budgetary needs of CACOS; NEXIM has been and continues to be a valued supporter since CACOS was founded


NEXIM International Development organization (NIDO)

CACOS and NIDO are partners in several initiatives   among which is the library construction, book stocking and operating process. NIDO is a  Toronto Canada based not for profit organization  whose key competencies is  fund raising and construction of learning centers  for young learners in Uganda. It aims to use its international net work of well - wishers, funders and grant makers to alleviate the learning infrastructural shortages in resource starved communities in Uganda. NIDO donated a library and IT center to CACOS ( and


JB holdings – is a Cologne – Germany based Green energy innovation business that specializes in the production and distribution of renewable energy products. JB holdings and CACOS are testing out Generators that burn plant oil to produce energy and a possible substitute to wood fuel as a basic energy source for cooking fuel needs of CACOS. JB holding is providing all the products, technical know how and training of  CACOS management staff on how to  re position  their energy mix from  wood based cooking to these generators with ultimate goal of winning CACOS off  fuel wood use for good. CACOS is providing JB holdings with test facilities, advertising opportunities and its net work of contacts as possible market out lets for its products going forward. 


Neruda Productions (


Kitchener Canada based arts and production tour organization that is supporting CACOS ‘Suubi Drama Club by working with potential venues to arrange tours for the drama club to Canadian audiences

Kitchener, Ontario based organization that is working with the Cambridge secondary school to help with development of the music. Arts and drama school; they also provide collaboration opportunities between our school and Canadian music and Drama school enhance cultural understanding and funds. 


Dream for Uganda

The Great escape Book shop;

The previous and current owners of the Great escape book shop are supporters of CACOS learning center libraries through   providing residents of the beaches area of East York  an avenue through which their used books can be collected and donated to CACOS