Alumni Association

Just like most colleges and universities have alumni associations so does Cambridge Secondary School . The CACOS- alumni association preserves and carries on school traditions ,It further fosters ongoing relationships between graduates, the school and students. They have helped encourage active participation in school and community events. They provide benefits to members, the school and students.
 The CACOS Alumni associations have played a key role in a school's ability to raise funds through advocacy and lobbying and encourage others students not to despair .They also support extremely needy students by providing books, pens, sanitary towels and other scholastic materials to keep them in school. That way, the school has had a positive image within the community and Uganda at large.It is also through the Alumni that the school seeks support from the local community to keep children in school.

As a result, the CACOS  alumni association has  increased visibility of the school. Networking opportunities for its members is another notable benefit.

In a nutshell, most schools require the support of the alumni association to make sure future generations are aware of the school's history.